For you nice people from Denmark I met…

May 29th, 2012

And yes, here are a some photos of my car, the one I was on about when we met.

This is somewhere up in the Alps, perhaps France or Switzerland, it might even be Italy – who knows.
Lamborghini in the Alps

This is Cat out in Sweden. One of my very best friends from London. All the parties we went to, some of them started in in country and ended in a third.
Lamborghini and my mate Cat

Yeah, I am quite pleased that I did not buy that wedding ring Rafy is showing off. She was as stunning girl when she was 15, I’ll tell you. Now she is a hotel owner in Desenzano del Garda, Italy after many years in Dubai.
Rafaella - at Lago di Garda Italy

And here we are parked up at the Sheraton, Nice, France.
Parked up at the Sheraton, Nice, France.

/Giovanna – giovanna at wannabegirl dot co dot uk

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